Featuring the finest quality of goods like FJ-6 Underground Pipe Leak Detector, Digital Vibrometer Tachometer, Industrial Film Viewer, etc.

Most Popular Products
MC-2000 Series Coating Thickness Gauge
MC-2000 series coating thickness gauge is a crystallization of wisdom of high technology. It applies to the single chip microcomputer technology. It has high precision, digital display, stable indication and low power consumption. touch button can be easily operated. With a small volume and light weight, it provides sing probe full range measurement. It also has such functions as storing, reading, statistic, low-power indication, system/zero-scale/two-point calibration.Its performance has reached the international advanced level.
HCH-3000 Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
HCH - 3000 series intelligent ultrasonic thickness gauge adopts the latest digital signal processing technology. These are ultrasonic thickness upgraded gauges with low power consumption, strong penetrating power, stability, high precision, more humanized interface, etc. The new features includeing probe recognition, partial group management data, a variety of online measurement mode, velocity measurement, etc., make the instrument more suited to the job requirements of the industrial field.
HCH-2000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
HCH-2000 series ultrasonic thickness gauge internal circuit using the latest digital technology and microcomputer technology, the shell is made of metal, small size, low power consumption, easy to use, touch button operation more convenient, the instrument can be easily used in the non-destructive testing boiler , Pressure vessels, pipes, metal parts, glass, plastic, plexiglass thickness measuremen
About Us

The broad reputation of our company Qingrui Technology Co.,Ltd. stems from the advanced range of goods we deliver as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter across the market. In the year 2003, we had established our company and have since been progressing at a phenomenal rate. All praise goes to the unique variety of items that we have been supplying to our clients, some of which include HCH-3000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, RAY3000A Ray Alarm Tachometer, KODIN-6DJ Holiday Detector, Industrial Film Viewer, FJ-6 Underground Pipe Leak Detector, Wet Sponge Pinhole Detector and a few others. In addition, we have always guaranteed that every individual unit that we manufacture, is inspected correctly and only then approved to be shipped to our respectful customers. We also offer customized services for dealers & distributors.

Application Areas

Our range finds application in areas like Aviation, Automobiles, Boilers & Pressure Vessels, Electric Power, Petroleum, Electroplating, Chemical, Shipbuilding, Military Industry, Steel, Machinery, Glass, Plastic Spraying, Enamel, Plastic and Metal Processing Industries, etc.

Why Choose Us?

We have emerged as a leading business in the current market, and because of the following factors this has been conceivable:

  • We are assisted by a team of highly qualified experts working to increase the efficiency of our business.
  • We continue to carry out a comprehensive study & review and update our product portfolio to the latest industry trends.
  • We provide our goods to customers at competitive prices.
  • We ensure the orders of our respected clients are completed in a timely and professional manner.


For virtually any production-based company, their greatest asset is the team they have helping them to go forward. Likewise, our team is also our backbone and aims to boost our efficiency. We conduct numerous assessments and examinations and only then employ them into our company. Adequately, our team develops a remarkable product line which includes KODIN-6DJ Holiday Detector, FJ-6 Underground Pipe Leak Detector, HCH-3000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Wet Sponge Pinhole Detector Industrial Film Viewer, etc. All in all, our team has always worked in leading our business to greatest levels by enhancing the productivity.

Our Branch Company

KODIN Instruments is our branch company which is a professional manufacturer of various types of instruments. Back in the year 2003, the company was founded in the city of Shandong, China, where its head office is located. The company has branches in Shanghai, China and Beijing and an international sales and services division in Taiwan, which is our company, Qingrui Technology.
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