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Coating Thickness Gauge

Coating Thickness Gauges we deal in are used to measure the dry film thickness. These allow for the critical measurements in the industry of coating. Basically, these are needed to evaluate the coatings functional life, its performance and appearance. The provided gauges are accessible with a number of benefits over optical as well as mechanical measurement techniques. Coating Thickness Gauges are suited for common manufacturing as well as in-service test applications. The said gauges are needed for supporting reliability and ensure an absolute quality control. These allow for improved condition monitoring in a user-friendly and cost-effective way.
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Coating Thickness Gauge

MC-3000B/S/3001 Coating Thickness Gauge MC-3000 series coating thickness gauge contains MC-3000B (embedded probe), MC-3000S (detachable probe) and MC-3001 three types of coating thickness gauge, MC-3000B, MC- 3000S with a single probe; MC-3001 models can be configured at the same time a variety of different probes, according to the probe type can measure a variety of metal above the coating

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MC-2000 Series Coating Thickness Gauge

MC-2000 series coating thickness gauge is a crystallization of wisdom of high technology. It applies to the single chip microcomputer technology. It has high precision, digital display, stable indication and low power consumption. touch button can be easily operated. With a small volume and light weight, it provides sing probe full range measurement. It also has such functions as storing, reading, statistic, low-power indication, system/zero-scale/two-point calibration.Its performance has reached the international advanced level.


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